London Program

Cultural Experiences

We would like all students to come away from their London experience with a knowledge of the British political and legal system as well as an appreciation for the culture.

To that end, the London program offers lectures on the British political and legal system, a walking tour of the Inns of Court including Middle Temple and a visit to Parliament. Students studying in the Fall will additionally visit a Magistrate's Court, the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey), and the Royal Courts of Justice. Students are reminded that courts, generally, are open to the public and although some visits are arranged they are encouraged to visit or return to them for their own interest and in their own time.

Barrister Legal Clothing Judges 2 Judges

In the local vicinity of the Pepperdine House are three of London's major museums: the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum. Our neighbors include the world famous Royal Albert Hall which hosts a number of concerts, both popular and classical, ballet, and sporting events such as indoor tennis; the expansive Hyde Park,  Kensington Palace and Harrods to name a few.  Buckingham Palace is a short tube ride minutes from our front door as is all of London with it's myriad of cultural opportunities -- more museums, cafe and gastronomic opportunities, pubs and clubs, and retail therapy should you need it. As students, many discounted opportunities are available to you for theatre, cinema and travel, so bring your university student ID card with you.

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