Academic Programs

Advocacy Programs

Since 1972, Pepperdine Law School has had a developed advocacy program competing at the highest levels. This important, time honored law school tradition, allows students to hone advocacy and public speaking skills while participating in mock appellate proceedings.

National and International Opportunities

The School of Law's overseas and exchange programs include sites in London, Copenhagen, and Augsburg. These programs offer students an unparalleled opportunity to study the foundation of American law, while living in exciting cities abroad.

Clinical Education Programs

The Pepperdine Clinical Education Program provides students with opportunities to practice law, to work with clients, to learn from expert practitioners, to observe the work of lawyers and courts, to grow as professionals and to seek justice. In our clinics, students practice law under the supervision of law professors with real clients and high stakes, in a rigorous learning environment. In externships, students work in the field with expert practitioners and judges in hundreds of field placements throughout Southern California and the nation. In practicums, students gain intensive experience in specialized field placements with expert faculty guidance in their field. In each of these programs, students learn lessons, virtues and skills that will transfer to every aspect of their future careers.

Global Justice Program

The Global Justice Program touches all corners of the globe through its initiatives in 1) international human rights and religious freedom, 2) advancement of the rule of law, and 3) global development. Through these initiatives, students and faculty collaborate to seek justice and create a lasting impact in some of the world's most vulnerable places.