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Clinical Education Program

Types of Externships

Clinical externships at the School of Law enable students to integrate theoretical knowledge of the law with the development of professional skills through practical experience under the supervision of the faculty, the bench and the bar. The experience offers students a unique and invaluable perspective on the practice of law and the role of lawyers in society. Participating law students develop and practice essential lawyering skills with real clients in the context of actual cases, and under the direction of supervising attorneys who have many years of experience in both legal practice and legal education. Students who participate in law school clinical programs often have a significant hiring advantage when seeking employment in that they develop skills bringing them closer to "practice readiness" upon graduation from law school.

The School of Law offers five types of externships, all consisting of work in the field and faculty supervision, either in the form of a workshop or a faculty advisor. They are organized into the following courses of study:

  • Clinical Education Criminal Externship & Workshop
    (i.e., District Attorney, Public Defender)
  • Clinical Education Entertainment Externship & Workshop
    (i.e., Lionsgate, Sony Music)
  • Clinical Education Government Externship & Workshop
    (i.e., IRS, County Counsel)
  • Clinical Education Judicial Externship & Workshop
    (i.e., Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, US District Court,
    U.S. Bankruptcy Court, California Superior Court)
  • Clinical Education Public Interest Externship & Workshop
    (i.e., Public Counsel, Bet Tzedek)