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Student Handbook: University Section

Parking/Public Safety

The use of a motor vehicle at Pepperdine University must be considered a privilege with accompanying responsibilities. The safety of our campus community and the university's relationship with the Malibu community may be improved or hampered by the thoughtfulness or lack of it displayed by those who drive. The California Vehicle Code is enforced on campus by both local deputies and officers in the Department of Public Safety as well as several campus-specific policies such as carpool parking and the requirement to display a valid campus permit at all times.  For a full explanation of all moving and parking regulations, refer to the parking and traffic regulations published by the Public Safety Office or visit the website at .

Vehicles displaying a valid Commuter (“C”) permit may park in designated areas of the following locations unless otherwise specified: Seaver Drive, Huntsinger Circle, John Tyler Drive, Banowsky Blvd., Lower Baxter Drive, President’s Drive, Via Pacifica, Firestone Fieldhouse Lot (Lot P), Eddy D. Field Stadium Lots (Lot N & O), Track Lot (Lot M), Upsilon Lot (Lot L), Rho Lot (Lot J), Terrace Lots (Lot I), School of Law Student Lot (Lot F, the un-gated portion), Rockwell Towers Lot (Lot K), Drescher Parking Structure (Lot Q), and the Drescher Lots (Lots R, S, T, V). Law students residing in the Page complex and displaying a valid Page (“P”) permit on their vehicle, may park in the areas listed above, as well as the George Page Residential Complex Lot (Lot H) unless otherwise specified.


There are several lots that are designated for use by students from the School of Law.  The lots are located across the street from the law school on the north and east side, and adjacent to the George Page student apartments.  It is helpbul for students living on campus to use the apartment lot, so that commuters may use the other lots.  Motorcycles must park in the designated spaces in the student lots.  Additional spaces are available in the Rho lot down the hill past the maintenance yard.  Students my not park in the Faculty/Staff lot between 6:30am and 5:00pm, nor may they park above the private road sign on Baxter Drive at any time.  Citation fines are $40.  For more information, refer to the Public Safety web site