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Certificate in Law & Entrepreneurship - Courses

In order to obtain a Certificate in Law & Entrepreneurship from the Palmer Center, each Fellow must complete 16 units according to the course of study outlined in the Palmer Center Course Requirement Grid.

There are four Core Courses, which all Fellows must take in order to receive a Certificate in Law & Entrepreneurship. The Core Courses are:

  • Entrepreneurship (LAW 2552) (2 units)
  • Business Planning (LAW 1523) (3 units)
  • Intellectual Property Survey (LAW 2512) (2 or 3 units) (this requirement is waived for students in Elective I track who complete ten (10) Elective I units, including Patent Law (LAW 1832), Copyright Law (LAW 912) and Trademarks (LAW 922))
  • Capstone Practicum (LAW 0370) (1 unit)

Each Fellow must choose an Elective Track, and complete an additional 7-8 units (for a total of 16 units) within that Elective Track. The three Elective Tracks are:

  • Elective I: Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Technology
  • Elective II: Business and Finance
  • Elective III: Real Estate

Fellows may take courses outside of their chosen Elective Track, however, such units will not be counted toward the 16 units required for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Law.

With the sole exception of the Capstone Practicum, each course listed on the Palmer Center Course Requirement Grid is currently available to all Pepperdine law students; however, only those admitted as Fellows of the Center may apply the units toward completion of the Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law. Complete course descriptions are included in the Academic Catalog, available in print or online at

No person other than the dean or associate dean for academics may waive any of the Palmer Center's course requirements.

Applicants to the Palmer Center must submit a completed course requirement grid outlining their proposed course of study at the Palmer Center. Once admitted to the program, Fellows are required to submit updated course requirement grids to the Palmer Center once per semester. In addition, each Fellow should meet with either the Director or the Executive Director of the Palmer Center once per semester regarding course selections to ensure that each Fellow is on track for completion of the Certificate requirements.